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Valtènesi Chiaretto Preafète

Valtènesi Rosè “Preafète” D.O.P. BIO organic, The wine of a night.

The Valtènesi Rosè, a new and more rigorous interpretation of an exclusive enological product of the Brescia shore of The Lake of Garda focused on the Groppello vine variety.
An authentic local wine born from an ancient vocation, dicovered more then a hundred years ago by the Venetian senator Pompeo Molmenti. Few hours of contact between the must and the local red grapes skins and then the pick up of the noctural racking. In that precise moment, driven by the wine cellar man skills, the Valtènesi Rosè acquires the freshness and the temperament of the Groppello grapes, which define its character. This wines holds the centuries-old tradition, the strenght of the ground from which it comes from and the elegance of the rosè vinification. The pink colour with light ruby shades; the aroma is fresh, intense, fragrant, rich in fine floral notes which remind of roses, friuty note bind to the small red fruits; the taste is salty round and balanced with a sapid finish and light almond shades.

Area of Origin

The company vineyards destined to the production of this wine are in Valtènesi on the Soffiano
Hills in the so called “Preafète” area which means area full of stones.
The stony ground of this zone gives this wine its special characteristics, as the ground releases heat during the night influencing positively in the grapes maturation and the sctructure of this wine.
The Soffiano hills are on the western shore of Lake of Garda, between the Lucone Lake, a prehistorical pond which has become part of the UNESCO heritage as an important archeological site and the Sovenigo small lakes, which represent the best example of internal clay ponds of the Garda area, which during the summer offers an unique show when the water is covered with lotus flowers.

Vine Varieties
Groppello (predominant %), local Valtènesi vine variety, Marzemino, Barbera, Sangiovese.

From the vineyard, processed at 2\3 centimeters from the ground without stressing it, chemical products aren’t allowed, have the help of useful insects.
The productivity is 60q per hectare.

Grape harvest and vinification
Manual harvest in small boxes.

Traditional vinification in compliance with the CCPB policy document. It is called “the wine of a night” because historically to get its characteristic pink hue, the must was left a night in contact with its skins. Refinement is done in stainless steel tanks.

Alcohol Content
12,50% vol.

From petal pink to cerasuolo with ruby glares.

Fine, intense, with floral hints of white and pink flowers, with aromas of small berries.

Dry, fresh, able to awaken the palate thanks to lively sapidity and hints of small fruits.

Service and pairing
Serve at 8-10 degrees as an aperitif or with first courses, white meat, salty cackes and lake fish.

0.75 l in a 6 bottles box.

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