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The difference is all to be tasted with our 100% organic EVO oil obtained exclusively from olives cultivated in Italy

If you’re looking for an oil to grease the pan or frying fries you can immediately close this page, because the organic Extra Virgin Olive oil by Podere dei Folli is not the right product for you.

If, instead, you want an healthy product, with a velvety and well defined taste, able to season and exalt the taste of your recipes, then you’re in the right place.

Because Podere dei Folli is a place where a very high quality organic Extra Virgin Olive oil comes alive. An healthy and nourishing dressing for your dishes.

I’ll show you immediately…

First of all, you have to know that in the Podere dei Folli you will never find a single olive coming from any other country of the European Union or Tunisia, or wherever it is.

Because what we produce is a superior category Extra Virgin Olive oil, obtained directly only from olives cultivated in Italy exclusively through mecanic processes.

Every production phase of this EVO oil, from the olives harvest, to the milling, up to the bottling, is made exclusively in Valtènesi.

The difference is easy to feel and, especially, to taste.

The organic Extra Virgin Olive oil by Podere dei Folli seduces from the first smell thanks to a light fruity aroma with green perfumes, evident of fresh grass and lighter of leaf, which fuse together with the characteristic fragrances of sweet almond of artichocke.
The delicateness is the most percieved element in the mouth. A light bitter shade and a piquancy perceivable only in the throat get lost in a sweet almond taste.

The supermarket shelves are full of oil on sale at 3 euros.
Do you want an advice? Leave them on the shelves.


Only the best oil, it is not only delicious but healthy too.

Our oil is not only delicious but healthy too. At this point the medical and nutritional sciences have already demonstarted how the Extra Virgin Olive oil is endowed with many different beneficial properties. Provided that, naturally, it concerns a complitely natural product like ours, obtained following precise methods of cultivation, processing and hygiene.

Exactly. If you still don’t know, the high quality EVO oil is an extraordinary product that:

  • Improves the functionality of the digestive system contributing to alleviate the effects of gastritis and getting better the pancreatic functionality.
  • Helps the endocrine system: it has been shown that the mediterranean diet, in which the EVO oil is one of the pivotal points, has an importal role in the preventive action for the diabetes control.
  • Facilitates the absorption of calcium and mineralization, this is one of the reason why it is suggested in the childhood diets.
  • It can have a protective effect towards some tumors (breast, prostate, colon, endometrius) due to the high presence of acid fats resistant to oxidation and the presence of antioxidant compounds.
  • Prevents from the cellular aging thanks to its protective action on the cellular membrane. Moreover it has been proved its positive influence on the cognitive perception in the elderlies.

Let’s do a act of love fot you recipes and your body, choose only an organic Extra Virgin Olive oil obtained exclusively from the mechanic processing of 100% Italian olives.

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