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White Wine “Lilium” BIO organic, exotic essence

Wine dedicated to the commune of Puegnago del Garda and to our territory of Valtènesi.

The coat of arms of the commune of Puegnago D/G depicts lilies, typical flowers of the place, which gave inspiration to the name of the wine.

Area of Origin
The vineyards for the production of this wine are located in Valtènesi, on the Colli di Soffaino.

The wine produced in this area is very special and the characteristic is given by this stony terrain, which during the night releases heat which positively influences the maturation of the grapes and the structure of this wine.

The Colli di Soffaino are located in the Garda Bresciano area on the western shore of Lake Garda, between Lake Lucone, a prehistoric basin that has become a Unesco patrimony as an important archaeological site and the ponds of Sovenigo, which represent the Best example of the Intermorainic Basin of Lake Garda, which in the period of July August offer a unique spectacle, when the waters are covered with the rose of lotus flowers.

Vine Varieties
Incrocio Manzoni and Trebbiano Valtènesi.

From turfed vineyard, worked in a row, growing without synthetic chemicals with the use of insects useful in the row.

Productivity is equal to 60 q per hectare.

Grape harvest and vinification
You make a harvest in crates by selecting the best bunches.

Once collected, they are immediately brought to the cellar and a cryomaceration is done.

It is a process immediately following the crushing of grapes, with destemmed, and prior to fermentation: the must and skins remain in contact for 12-24 hours, cooled to a temperature of 5-8 ° C (closest to 5 usually), so that the primary aromas of the grapes present right in the inside of the skin can be extracted. In this way we obtain wines with more intense, fruity and defined perfumes. The low temperature allows not to start the alcoholic fermentation and, at the same time, the not too prolonged contact allows to extract so little colour, bitter and astringency.

After that the must is left to decant for 15 days at low temperatures to bring down the impurities. Once it has descended it is separated from the lees and starts the alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures to encourage the development of aromas softness and elegance.

After fermentation is done refine in steel barrels for 5/6 months to be bottled.

Alcohol Content
12,50% vol.

Straw yellow colour.

Exotic scents and yellow fishing.

Dry, fresh, balanced, with aromatic persistence.

Service and pairing
Serve at 8 °/10 ° C, as an aperitif, excellent with the first courses, with white meats and savory pies, lake fish, vegetables.

0.75 l in a 6 bottles box.

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