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Valtènesi Sofaì

Valtènesi “Sofaì” D.O.P. BIO organic, all the taste of the most ancient tradition

The Valtènesi takes its name from the area of its production, indeed “La Valtènesi”, this area boerdering the biggest Italian lake with an hystorical wine making tradition, represents the productive center, it is well known for the high quality of the wines produced and it holds meanings which have a great value in the wine world: tradition, quality, passion for the land. We are at the northernmost point of the world where citrus tree, olive trees and caper bushes grow; in an area where 200 years before the America discover the Groppello was already cultivated.
The Valtènesi is a shining red coloured wine with ruby glares, it has a fresh perfume, fragrant with aromas that remind of roses, small red fruits and typical sweet spiced shades as cinnamon, cloves and a sapid, round and balance taste with a saline bottom and light almond notes.

Area of Origin
The company vineyards destined to the production of this wine are in Valtènesi on the Soffaino Hills, in the so called “Sofai” area.
“Sofai”, means under the beech trees shadow, these centuries-old trees used to give refreshment to the local farmers who loved having lunch and make the oxes rest under the shadow of their leafy branches during the summer months.The Soffiano hills are on the western shore of Lake of Garda, between the Lucone Lake, a prehistorical pond which has become part of the UNESCO heritage as an important archeological site and the Sovenigo small lakes, which represent the best example of internal clay ponds of the Garda area, which during the summer offers an unique show when the water is covered with lotus flowers.

Vine Varieties
Groppello (predominant %), local Valtènesi vine variety, Marzemino and Rebo.

From the vineyard, processed at 2\3 centimeters from the ground without stressing it, chemical products aren’t allowed, have the help of useful insects.
The productivity is 60q per hectare on clay grounds, which give the wines pleasant salinity and fruity aroma.

Grape harvest and vinification
Manual late harvest in small boxes, used later for drying grapes in the attic. Traditional vinification in compliance with the CCPB policy document. Fermentation at controlled temperature, with the use of raisins that allows the obtainment of a full-bodied and intense color wine. Aging of about 1 year and a half in stainless steel barrels and 12 months in French wooden barrels

Alcohol Content
15,00% vol.

Intense and shining red ruby.

Vinous, fruity with hints of undergrowth,  blackberries and raspberries, and spices.

Sapid round and balanced with an excellent organoleptic structure and tannins well integrated with the component of the fruit.

Service and pairing
Serve at 15-16 degrees with rosted meat, grilled meat, cold cuts and flavorful cheese.

0.75 l in a 6 bottles box.

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