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An unique Doc territory where the cultivation is a very ancient art.

The histories of Podere dei Folli and Valtènesi are strongly and indissolubly connected.
Because our organic wines and products are, first of all, the fruits of our land, before being the result of our work and passion. Writing the Valtènesi is on of the most important Doc areas in Lombardy isn’t enough to describe it.


The Valtènesi is an unique place between the hills and the lake, A suggestive and for some reasons miterious corner of the Brescia shore of Lake of Garda; misterious because it is wonderful and still far from the massive turism typical of certain near localties.


Only the wine-gastronomic turists have started to discover our lands some years ago tasting the local specialties.A wonderful valley, which gently descends towards the Salò and Padenghe gulfs. A corner just before the biggest Italian lake where the enviroment and the vegetation paint picture postcards lookalike landscapes and give authentic emotions.

Humanity Heritage

It will be enough for you to walk among the suggestive streets which link Puegnano with Polpenazze and Padenghe; tucked away in the green you will be able to admire vineyards and olive trees. It is in the same valley that you will discover small lakes of a rare beauty as the Lucone lake, prehistoric lagoons that the Unesco has in the list of the Humanity Heritage sites and the Sovenigo small lakes, silver coloured water mirrors particularly suggestive during the Summer.

Vineyard and Winery Vocation

Its is our land and we sincerly love it. But this, probably, was already obvious reading these first lines…
What I haven’t told you yet is that the Valtènesi is a territory enodwed with a strong vineyard and winery vocation.

Two things that perhaps you don’t know about our lands

The cultivation of the vine has very ancient roots here, which even date back before the Romans.

And there’s another particular you maybe still don’t know that makes our territory an unique place. Indeed the Valtènesi represents the northernmost point where citrus trees, olive trees and caper bushes grow. Ours is a sort of natural boundary for this fruits which give the earth a special, even unmistakable for someone.

Only from a special territory unique wines can come into the world.
For this reason the Valtènesi is our home.

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