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Would you like a glass of our BIO organic wines? You’re welcome, take a seat.

Welcome in Podere dei Folli, I’m Davide and, together with my brother Marco, we’re going along during this short virtual trip to tell you the history of our organic Agricultural Company.

I’m sure it will be enough for you to taste a wine glass of anyone of our organic wines to understand to the fullest what Podere dei Folli is and its strict bond with the land and the tradition. And i’m inviting you to visit our Agricultural Company for a pleasant tasting…

In the meanwhile, i’d like to try telling you something…

Everything started more than a century ago.

My family Agricultural Company, Azienda Agricola Folli, was born a the beginning of the 20th century. My great-grandfather Pietro was the one who funded it. The my grandfather Andrea was the one who carried it on to continue a familiar tradition of farmers from the born. True farmers, with a true love for the land.

The bond between our company and our generous territory is strict, unbreakable. With the passing of the years, as it happens in every company, ours felt the need of innovating too, and if we succeed in doing it all credits go to our father Egidio who have been able to preserve and renew it.

Our grandfather first and our father then have passed me down this great passion. So, now that it is my turn, I’ve decided to write a new chapter of this familiar history, made up of work, perfumes, traditions and, above all, great wines and genuine products.

Everything rigorously organic.

Because the Agricultural Company Folli, nowadays Podere dei Folli, is a certified organic BIO company. The choice of relying on own produced BIO DOP agricultural products only is not only born from the will of innovating and expand the company but also from a deep convintion coming from me and my brother.

We want to offer you always and only genuine, good and healthy wines and products.

No chemical additives or other substances which alter the taste; when a wine is good there’s no need of all those kind of things. Its natural taste and perfumes will capture you and will make you live an authentic tasting experience.

Our Lands

I’ve told you too much about me. Now let me welcome you in our lands…

Our vineyards and olive groves are located between the Lucone Lake in Polpenazze del Garda and the Sovenigo small lakes in Puegnago del Garda, a lush and uncontamined area.

It is one of those few places which are still far from massive turism and it is really fascinating.

The company headquarters are in Puegnago del Garda (fraz. Mura) a characteristic small village on the western shore of Lake of Garda, on the clay hills of the Valtènesi, well known within the region due to its typical local product among which wine and EVO oil.

Our Agricultural Company is going through a phase of expansion and constantly busy with an everyday project of improvement, with the unique aim of giving you only products whose quality is higher than the average. The quality of our wines and all other our organic products is guaranteed by new and well looked after plants, the use of well advanced solutions and techniques which allows us to obtain first of all healthy products, certified by the BIO DOP trademarks released by specific Certifier Authorities (CCPB s.r.l. di Bologna).

Quality and good taste always certified

Because a truly good product is healthy too. This is our challenge.

We always want you to be able to taste our products with all the safety and tranquility that you deserve. For this reason, apart from all the certifications of which i’ve just talked you about, I really care about underlining that Podere dei Folli is part of many associations of the cathegory like Coldiretti, Aipol, La Buona Terra, APAB, Apetilia e Consorzi quali Consorzio Valtenesi, Consorzio Agrituristico Mantovano exc..

Our Agricultural company moreover is associated to very important agricultural entities both at local and national level.

Now you know almost everything about us: who we are, what we do and how have we reached where we are. Now there’s still one thing left to do, the most important one: tasting our wines.

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