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Podere dei Folli

Bioagricultural company

Can an Agricultural Company that have been producing wines for 4 generations be considered young? Yes, only if it is able to respect the traditions and the territory within a research of an excellence made up of experimentations and innovations too.

This is Il Podere dei Folli, this is our challenge. It began during the first years of the 20th century started by the great-grandfather Pietro, carried on by gran father Andrea, then by father Eligio and nowadays continued by Davide in collaboration with his brother Marco.

A challenge that every young organic agricultural company like ours try to win, searching for the excellence in each of our products, wine glasses and smiles. We look for it every day, always with total respect of nature and territory.

We love our job. We love producing natural, pleasant and elegant wines which are appreciated all around the world. When a job is made with passion and love, the difference is easy to see. And you can feel it.

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Organic wines

We safeguard biodiversity

Producing only organic wines is a precise choice. Made to offer all our customers uniquely high quality wines. So that you will never have to choose between taste and quality, but you will be able to have both of them in your glass.

According to our opinion respecting traditions and territory means choosing a really sustainable development model which safeguards and enhanche the precious resources that the Valtènesi, and the Colli di Soffiano in particular, offer us.

No chemical concimes or antiparasitics potentially dangerous for the ground. This is what certainly you will never find in none of our wines. What you will taste is the result of a complitely organic and natural cultivation of our vienyards.

The use of the BIO organic method protects the bio-diversity. The substitution of chemical products and additives with exclusively natural products allows us respecting the health both of the workers and the final customers.

White Wine Lilium BIO organic

Lilium BIO

Spumante Garda Classico Rosé Béspoi

Béspoi D.O.P. BIO

Valtènesi Chiaretto Rosè D.O.P. BIO organic

Preafète D.O.P. BIO

Riviera del Garda Classico Groppello Vegna D.O.P. BIO organic

Vegna D.O.P. BIO

Valtènesi Sofaì D.O.P. BIO organic

Sofaì D.O.P. BIO

The Territory

There’s a magic place, suspended between the sky and the ground and surrounded by lakes and prehistoric basins.

Our local vineyards in which we cultivate organic grapes are exactly here, on the Soffiano Hills, within the Valtènesi, one of the most suggestive areas of the western shore of Lake of Garda.

An area wher the ground is rich, fertile and generous. “Sofai”, means under the beech trees shadow, these centuries-old trees used to give refreshment to the local farmers who loved having lunch and make the oxes rest under the shadow of their leafy branches during the summer months.


Oil, honey and…

Not only organic wines, Podere dei folli is synonymous of quality, genuineness and love for your own land with a selction of BIO organic local products as the organic Extra Virgin Olive oil made using only local olives: from the Brescia Garda, Leccino and Casaliva, olives patè (natural, red hot chilli pepper, oregano and basil), spirits (natural and barrique goppello grappa) and honey (acacia, millefiori and melata di bosco)… discover our BIO organic Oil …discover our BIO organic Oil

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